The story

My first coffebike back in 2008.Everything was so new. After 2 years of researching i put these things together and just went out in the streets of copenhagen.People couldnt believe that it could be possible to drive around with a 2 group leva/espressomachine on a danish cargobike. This picture is from an artical in a danish magazine.

This is a picture of the coffeebike in the center of copenhagen.Driving around among danes and tourists in the most bussy pedestrian street in Denmark. I made some changes just to try something new.


There is a story to this picture.Im standing infront of the biggest church in copenhagen making coffees to the tourists.after a while the priest came out and asked me to move.I couldn`t understand it,people were very happy,they could sit down on the stairs,drinking their coffee and at the same time enjoy the view to our operahouse. I asked him why and he responded that it wasnt proper in the name of God to serve coffee there. I refused to move and said at the same time that God would love one of my coffees. he got angry and walked away.funny world.


Picture from 2009 at the Bella center in copenhagen. I made 350 cups of espresso between 10.00 and 16.00 that day. I was a little bit tired afterwards.